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Bite The Hand
Image Amy Mathews and Hayley McElhinney // by Cameron Etchells

Dates: Sept 2021 Subiaco Arts Centre

Company: The Last Great Hunt

Role: Director, Dramaturg


Who are you being good for?


Sam and Dale love their dog Alice. So when they get the chance to give her the consciousness of a human - they jump at the opportunity!  Under the careful assessment of model dog owner Wes and his obedient pet Rex, Alice’s intelligence blossoms. 

But as Alice begins to understand her existence, the hierarchies of power and her place in the world become all too apparent. 

Written by award-winning writer Chris Isaacs, BITE THE HAND takes a heartfelt and brutal look at the emancipation of domestic dogs and how love can be a mechanism of dependency and suppression. 

Development for this work included an incredibly well-received online performance in 2020.


★ ★ ★ ★ ½ Under the direction of Matt Edgerton five incredibly talented performers, most of them playing multiple roles, deliver outstanding performances


★ ★ ★ ★ ... with moments of insight and thoughtful observation on the big ideas of emancipation, power, family dynamics, and what it means to be animal or human in an increasingly complex world.

Arts Hub

Every element of BITE THE HAND is beautifully considered. It’s an intelligent piece of theatre that is accessible to all.

Fourth Wall Media

Director Matt Edgerton’s outstanding taste, and his familiarity with TLGH’s ethos and oeuvre, have resulted in a simple, refined space

SeeSaw Magazine

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