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Dates: November 2020

Company: WAAPA

Role: Director


Interruptions, by Stephen Jeffreys, tells a story, but not in chronological order and without any leading characters. It shows an imaginary country preparing for an election, undergoing a military coup, and then living through the consequences. About eighty different characters are in the play, each reflecting a different part of society. Each of the seven scenes shows a group of people engaging in a basic human activity (Discussing, Playing, Dying, Cooking, Having Sex, Working, Creating Art) and being frustrated in their attempts.

This was the first show performed by an exceptional ensemble of 18 first year actors at WAAPA. With no audience beyond the WAAPA community, this was a chance to play and flex our creative muscles. After a year that kept all of us so separate, it was a beautiful 'welcome back to the theatre' for all of us.

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